Connected with millions of new fans

We effectively engaged with consumers by shifting their perceptions of ASICS from technology-driven sportswear to a brand harbouring powerful emotions experienced by athletes, fostered stronger emotional bonds with the brand, and drive sales through a comprehensive and integrated marketing approach.

ASICS had been long recognized for their tech-driven sportswear design, but we knew that there was more to it than just functionality. By taking a shift from function to feeling, we created a strategic and integrated campaign for ASICS’ sportswear fashion line that successfully connected with the audience on a deeper level. Featuring German film star Elyas M’Barek, our campaign captured the powerful emotions athletes experience when they find themselves “in the zone. »

Through three engaging films, Elyas personified the emotions of euphoria, determination, and pain that athletes feel when they push their limits in a workout. This helped us showcase the emotions that resonate with the audience, and connect with them on an emotional level. By leveraging Elyas’ personal brand and authentic performance, our campaign generated a positive impact and resonated with millions of new consumers.


At the heart of the campaign activation was our sales-focused social media strategy. We used visually compelling lookbooks to create multiple touchpoints across Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, our point-of-sale (POS) activations, in-store displays, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising efforts complemented our social media campaign, generating a cohesive and far-reaching campaign. Our strategy focused on driving sales, and we were able to create a campaign that not only connected with the audience on a deeper level but also produced significant sales numbers for ASICS.