Carlsberg Creative Pioneers


In 2023, Carlsberg, the heritage Danish brand, tasked LURE with a challenge: create deeper relevance with German consumers. We repositioned Carlsberg, infusing its core brand DNA with a contemporary twist, resonating with a younger generation passionate about creative self-expression.

The new positioning we developed for Carlsberg celebrates the “creative spirit in all of us,” shining a spotlight on emerging talents and their work across Germany. Our research revealed that, given the plethora of easily accessible creative tools at their fingertips — from TikTok to Adobe programs and advanced A.I. art and music technologies — 21-35 year-olds are more deeply engaged in creative self-expression than any previous generation. Our new positioning invites this generation to embrace Carlsberg’s core DNA promises by turning Carlsberg’s platforms into stages to spotlight the creative talent in everyone and foster a community.

Though this new positioning presents a vibrant, modern approach, it remains deeply rooted in Carlsberg’s core DNA. Since its inception in 1847, the brand has consistently championed creativity — from pioneering the pH scale and discovering pure yeast strains to promoting science and art. This reinvigorated pioneering spirit echoes the brand’s foundational values, encouraging all consumers to engage creatively.

Our Approach: “Creative Pioneers.”


The inaugural campaign under this fresh brand strategy was introduced as a digital streaming series, a first for Carlsberg. In the initial three episodes of “Creative Pioneers,” Carlsberg showcases three unique artists:

Philip Wallisfuth, a Berlin-based street artist, paints expansive murals, using perspective to challenge conventional artistic norms.

Bominah Oh, originally from Korea and now residing in Berlin, translates her abstract art into tattoo designs.

Sedaction, a Köln-based DJ, blends modern electronic tunes with elements of her Turkish-Kurdish heritage.

LURE played a pivotal role in the conception and evolution of Carlsberg’s German brand positioning and the “Creative Pioneers” series.

“The new positioning gives Carlsberg’s core brand DNA a contemporary touch, particularly resonating with the younger audience,” says  David Incorvaia, founder and CCO at LURE. “Empowered with an array of creative tools, this generation is deeply rooted in creative expression. Carlsberg’s enduring values of progress, pioneering, and possibility are magnified in this fresh positioning.”


In a bid to intertwine Carlsberg and art on social media, we harnessed the capabilities of Midjourney and other sophisticated A.I. tools. This collaboration facilitated the creation of original digital art pieces, seamlessly integrating the iconic Carlsberg bottle. This endeavor lends a fresh and modern aura to the brand’s digital landscape, aligning product recognition with the campaign’s ethos seamlessly.


Our journey as the primary creative agency for Carlsberg Germany commenced earlier this year, marking the conceptualization and rollout of “The Moment When” out-of-home (OOH) campaign. Anchored in universally relatable experiences, like the birth of friendships, sparks of romance, or surges of creativity, the campaign underscores moments that, albeit fleeting, hold profound significance in shaping our identities.

Maike Schöder, LURE’s MD and Client Service Director, reflects, “With the ‘The Moment When’ OOH campaign, we introduced a renewed global visual design for Carlsberg in Germany, rooted in authentic experiences. This refreshed positioning naturally stemmed from the connection we forged with audiences, merging Carlsberg’s core principles with today’s contemporary tastes.”

In this out of home,  LURE launched Carlsberg’s revamped global visual identity, honing in on the iconic Carlsberg logo’s allure. By leveraging supergraphic proportions, we evoked the brand’s innate recognition, captivating audiences and drawing them into the Carlsberg realm. While the signature Carlsberg bottle remains a cornerstone for brand identification, our design articulates poignant, unique moments.

LURE is the lead creative agency for Carlsberg Germany.