Listerine Ready for everything

Educate and inform

We partnered up with Johnson & Johnson to strategically target audiences across EMEA who were in different stages of the purchase funnel. We developed a strategic content ecosystem to completely challenge standard top-down campaign thinking for Listerine. Rather than extend a single story, we created three very different ones to target the different audience groups individually. Using this approach we were able to educate and inform newcomers to the brand via an integrated digital content strategy.

Ready for everything

Undoubtedly, music videos are the most watched films on YouTube. As 70% of the target had little or no product awareness, we chose the music video format the vehicle for bringing Listerine to its intended audience. By featuring well-known street humour comedian Simon Gosejohan as “Beate Frische” — we were able to successfully reach an even larger audience than initially planned.

Putting the product to the test

The key campaign message “ready for everything” was based on a series of international studies that showed Listerine users were more likely to be ready for just about anything — so we decided to test that theory IRL. After their first brand experience online, viewers were retargeted in the second phase via a series of fast-paced street-challenge films that featured real-world Listerine users.

Reaping the rewards

Working closely in partnership with Google we were able to take the most frequently searched questions about the product and turn those into glossy, polished films that educated through creative and humorous comedy shorts.

  • 32%
    Lift in ad recall
  • 250%
    Outperformance Germany against global campaign
  • 18%
    Increase purchase intent