bebe #bebezaubernd


Through a combination of marketing, partnerships, and new packaging design, we successfully revitalized bebe’s brand perception, connected with new young consumers for the first time, and dramatically increased sales.

bebe, a large heritage brand in Germany, was struggling with the loss of buyers to new start-up and influencer brands in the cosmetics market. Young women were no longer attracted to the brand on the shelf, and they were increasingly choosing other smaller, newer brands. Our objective was to reestablish bebe’s appeal, retain and win back customers, and attract new teenage consumers who were developing their skincare routines.

Our solution: “Embrace Your Girlish Lightheartedness.”

Recognizing that young women face immense societal expectations, we aimed to celebrate the joy of simply being a girl. By crafting a core idea centered around girlish lightheartedness, we revitalized bebe’s brand perception, helping it stand out in a competitive market.

A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

We developed a cohesive strategy across various media platforms, including a digital ecosystem and KPI matrix, redesigned product portfolio, packaging, and communication concepts for new products, TVC campaigns, print campaigns, and digital campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Impressive Results

Our efforts led to a significant increase in bebe’s social media following in Germany, with 139,000 new followers on Instagram, 129,000 new followers on YouTube, and a massive increase in engagement on product posts. We also saw an impressive response to raffles, with up to 70K views and 1,900 comments. The Candy Lip Butter & Scrubs became bestsellers, selling out in DM and Rossmann stores.

By embracing the core idea of celebrating girlish lightheartedness and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy, we successfully revitalized bebe’s brand perception and reconnected with young women. Our efforts directly addressed the main business problem of losing buyers to new start-up and influencer brands in a saturated market. As a result, bebe not only retained and won back its customer base but also engaged new teenage consumers, ultimately reestablishing itself as a popular choice in the cosmetics market.