Jadhab Spring/Summer 2022 Collection


We fostered diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry by highlighting the Arab creative community in Berlin, launching a new socially conscious apparel collection in collaboration with Barzakh, and supporting their charity organization.

In 2022, we unveiled an innovative Spring/Summer apparel collection, expertly crafted for the fashion-forward and socially conscious. This unique collaboration with Barzakh addresses the challenge of empowering and showcasing the diverse Arab creative community in Berlin. As industry leaders in marketing and design, we dedicate our efforts to creating a collection that resonates with both marketing executives and designers, with proceeds supporting the charity organization.

Our meticulously curated Spring/Summer collection, جذب Jadhab, embodies the essence of Berlin’s rich cultural tapestry, where German, Arabic, and Turkish influences seamlessly blend to create a dynamic fashion landscape. The name Jadhab, meaning “to lure” or “to attract,” symbolizes the gravitational force that unites people, making it a poignant emblem of the city’s spirit that resonates with fashion industry professionals.

The collection’s striking color palette, featuring black, white, and pastel cottons, captures the vibrancy of urban spaces in full bloom, paying homage to youth, self-expression, and the unbridled sensuality of summer. The campaign showcases a diverse cast of individuals, each with unique backgrounds and stories, highlighting the importance of representation and inclusivity in the fashion industry. We embrace these narratives through visually arresting photos and videos, exemplifying Lure’s commitment to storytelling that engages and captivates marketing executives and designers alike.

The embroidered Arabic word on each garment tells a different story depending on the wearer, sparking a conversation between the viewer and the wearer, and inviting marketing professionals and designers to explore the potential of fashion as a wearable storytelling medium.

Available in three exclusive editions of 100 pieces each, the collection exemplifies our dedication to addressing the needs of the fashion industry and designers while championing and celebrating Berlin’s diverse Arab creative community.