Carlsberg The Moment When


In 2023 Carlsberg, the longstanding traditional brewery, partnered with us to amplify its efforts to nurture a deeper connection with its consumers. This engagement was fostered via a powerful campaign named “The Moment When”. The objective was to stir real emotions by showcasing genuine moments in everyday life, spotlighting those significant instants that hold a special place in our lives.


We conceptualized and produced the campaign with a narrative grounded in relatable life events – the start of a new friendship, the spark of love, the ignition of creativity. These are instances that may seem trivial or commonplace at the moment but are profound in shaping our lives and defining our identities.

This narrative was visually translated through various scenarios such as gatherings at a platform, in a club, or on a summer evening, all involving the sociable act of sharing a beer. Each depiction teases the beginning of unforgettable stories that life writes, moments of emerging opportunities, thus transforming the familiar Carlsberg mantra of “probably” into an inviting “possibility”.


As part of this campaign, we launched a new global visual identity for Carlsberg. It was designed to leverage the strength of the renowned Carlsberg logo, making it the center of attraction. We employed supergraphic proportions to capitalize on the brand’s familiarity, sparking interest and inviting viewers into Carlsberg’s world. The iconic Carlsberg bottle was maintained as a key element, ensuring instant brand recognition. A novel feature of the visual identity we crafted was the emotional representation of unique moments.


“The Moment When” has made its debut on out-of-home ads, visible across Germany at key public transport hubs and city centers, with plans for gradual roll-out on all communication channels. In addition, we plan to support the campaign with digital activations and event activations. A second wave planned for August is set to further extend the campaign’s reach.

Ultimately, our partnership with Carlsberg has resulted in an authentic and relatable brand story that underlines Carlsberg’s strengths and invites consumers to experience shared, unforgettable moments with Carlsberg. This narrative, focusing on the inception of love, friendship, and creativity, will be carried across all communication channels and touchpoints in the future.