Jadhab LURE BERLIN S/S 22 Collection

In 2022 we dropped our latest collab with a Spring-Summer apparel collection containing twelve pieces of streetwear with an embroidered Arabic monogram. Proceeds from the collection are donated to our creative collaboration partner Barzakh – a charity organisation supporting the Arab creative community in Berlin.

Visit the shop and campaign page at lureberlin.com

This collection is a love poem to Berlin. A city where German, Arabic and Turkish mix under the pulse of music, and where colour, sexual identity and gender blend in harmony. Where hedonists and believers are drawn together to a shared spirit of freedom.

We call our Spring / Summer collection جذب   Jadhab.  An Arabic word – to lure or attract – it also means to be drawn together by gravity.  Beautifully embroidered or printed on each of the pieces, Jadhab is an elegant symbol that embodies a spirit of Berlin everyone can wear proudly.
The black and white cottons with spring pastels evoke urban spaces in full bloom: A  celebration of youth, self expression, and raw summer sensuality.

The campaign is unique for a highly diverse cast of persons. Qaher, Palestinian; Fardowsa, observant Muslim from Somalia; Esma – plus size born in Germany Kurdish roots, Parisa – Trans person with Persian background and several other black and white featured cast. Staying true to Lure’s focus on storytelling, the telling of all eight cast members personal stories are at the centre of the campaign told through photos and videos.

An Arabic word worn boldly on a t-shirt tells a different story on each person wearing it and invokes a conversation between with the a viewer. As experts in storytelling, exploring fashion as a wearable storytelling medium is extremely exciting.

The collection is limited to three exclusive editions of 100 pieces each.