E.ON Time for action

Helping an energy giant transition towards sustainability.

When we began the vetting process to possibly partner with E.ON, we said to them, that we had just one question before moving forward: Is this real? Or is it spin? Because if this is real, we said, we’re prepared to get behind this and do something big and radical that could push the needle in the energy industry. But E.ON has to be ready to go the full mile.

No more promises.

At the center of the integrated campaign is a 30-second TVC filmed at the top of the Mittelbergferner Glacier, Austria, featuring dozens of people including legendary mountaineer and environmentalist Reinhold Messner, E.ON’s global CEO Leo Birnbaum, and global senior management, scientists, engineers, activists, and consumers. The group pledges that “the time for promises is over. It’s time for action now.”

The thirty person cast only features actual leaders of E.ON, people from the scientific and activist communities — and no actors. In addition to Reinhold Messner and E.ON employees, the cast includes Anirudha Vijay Mahagaonkar, Glaciologist and Researcher at the Scientific Research Department of Norwegian Polar Institute, and Lilly Platt, a 13-year-old climate ambassador for organizations such as Youth Mundus, Earth.org, WODI — Plastic Pollution Coalition, How Global, and World Cleanup Day.

The multifaceted campaign includes OOH and print features of the protagonists, social (Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in) and influencer activations, as well as an interactive digital hub with 27 interviews detailing the actions and green contributions of each person, and an eight-part original E.ON series on YouTube already watched 60 million times, that tells the stories of the groundbreaking engineering projects already saving 99 million tones of Co2 each year.

An experiential story.

To further share E.ON’s story of energy solutions with an even broader audience, we made it fully experiential. Iconic D.J. Ellen Allien performed from Kraftwerk Berlin, a repurposed space, perfectly highlighting E.ON’s approach to harvesting recycled energy in urban environments — the subject of our Change Makers series Ep 5 “A city repurposed”, also featuring Allien. The event was live streamed and watched by people around the globe.

“Lure has cracked the code for sure.”

“We identified that, across the board, companies were communicating the same message, basically promising to be carbon neutral — sometime in the future. But consumers don’t want more promises. The campaign developed by LURE focuses on the urgent need for climate action and the radically innovative actions E.ON is taking to tackle the climate crisis right now… for such a low interest, specific category the watch through rate alone is astounding. Lure has cracked the code for sure.”

Stefanie Eller
Vice President Global Brand Communication